The elegant import button for web apps

Messy spreadsheets, edge cases, encoding formats, error messages, non-technical users: importing data is a huge pain! That's why we built Flatfile Portal. Deploy a production-ready importer to your application in minutes.

No more messy spreadsheets

Format CSV/XLS files on import without wrangling data on your backend.

Never build a CSV parser again

Flatfile Portal integrates without lengthy development cycles or technical debt.

Elegant UI Component

Guide users through a new, intuitive spreadsheet import experience in minutes.


Intuitive Excel column-mapping

Flatfile Portal automatically maps 95% of imported spreadsheet header columns using fuzzy-matching. Your users will confidently import their data, correctly, the first time, freeing you from having to manually clean spreadsheet data post-import.


Build a robust data importer in minutes, with no maintenance.

Set up a target data model with a few lines of JSON. The configuration snippet is integrated into your application and called through a JavaScript button. Most engineers integrate Flatfile Portal in a week.


Powerful Data Hooks™ 

Imported data is typically unstructured, and full of validation errors. Portal intelligently formats incoming spreadsheet data without the need to use CSV/Excel templates, or wasting time fixing data on your backend.

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Flatfile is data privacy

Client and on-premise options

GDPR compliant

Flatfile is SOC2, and HIPAA compliant enabling sensitive and personal identifiable information (PII) data to be safely transmitted during import.

Portal uses AWS S3 buckets for data storage and encryption, while providing alternate deployments options for sensitive data handling environments.

Flatfile can execute a data processor agreement with your company to ensure personal data is never compromised when using Portal.

About Flatfile

Flatfile started out of our own frustration with importing data into SaaS products. Across a decade of experience in enterprise software, we’ve built too many bespoke import scripts, spreadsheet templates, and software tools, all trying to solve the same core problem.

Flatfile provides two business products (Portal and Concierge) which solve data onboarding inefficiencies.

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